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    The Society of Powder Technology, Japan
    maintained by Tsuji Group
    The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, Japan
    Information Center of Particle Technology, Japan
    Particle Technology Forum, USA

Research Groups

    North America



      Granular Flows Group
      The Mechanical Engineering Department at Caltech
      Particle Technology Center
      Mechanical Engineering Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Geomechanics Research Center
      Colorado School of Mines
      You can find useful list of links to related Institute!
      Computational Modeling of Materials - DEM
      MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Lab, MIT
      The Chaos and Mixing Group at Northwestern
      Graduate Study in Chemical Engineering,
      Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science,
      Northwestern University
      THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Materials Center / Granular Physics Group
      Granular Flow
      Simulation, Modeling and Visualization Group
      The Engineering Research Center for Particle Science and Technology , University of Florida
      The Particulate Materials Center
      Intercollege Research Programs, Penn State
      Particulate Materials and Geomechanics Research Group
      at the Coordinated Engineering Programs of
      the University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Engineering
      Carl Wassgren: Granular Materials
      Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University Clemson, SC
      Nonlinear Physics Lab
      Department of Physics, Haverford College,Haverford
      Granular Material Science at the University of Notre Dame
      Department of Physics,the University of Notre Dame
      Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, College of Engineering,
      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Granular Dynamics at Georgetown University
      Department of Physics, Georgetown University
      Pharmaceutical Engineering
      Rutgers University Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
      Granular Transport Group
      Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering,
      University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering
      Granular Dynamics web site at Argonne National Lab
      Materials Science Division ,
      Argonne National Laboratory
      Granular Dynamics at INLS
      The Institute for Nonlinear Science ,
      University of California, San Diego
      The Nonlinear Physics Laboratory at Clark University
      Department of Physics ,
      Clark University
      Microstructural Kinetics Laboratory
      Department of Physics ,
      Washington University
      Granular Materials at CNLS
      Center for Nonlinear Studies ,
      Los Alamos National Laboratory
      Granular Physics Lab.
      University of Southern Maine ,


      The Experimental Nonlinear Physics Group
      University of Toronto, Department of Physics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


      Image data base at ECP (French)
      After linking this home page, click 'click here' at the bottom of page.
      Then proceed to 'Consultation de la base'
      -> 'Catalogue de toute la base'
      Theoretical / Computational Physics Group
      at the Gerhard-Mercator-University in Duisburg, Germany
      HLRZ many particles research group
      at HLRZ, KFA Jülich, Germany
      Institut of Physics and Mechanics of hetrogeneous Media
      ESPCI Paris
      TUCZ Research group on disperse Multiphase Flows
      at the Technical University of Chemnitz-Zwickau,
      Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Technology,
      Chemnitz, Germany
      Simulations of granular media
      the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne EPFL
      Polymer and Colloid Group of the Cavendish Laboratory.
      Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK
      Physical Chemistory
      Dept. of Chemical Eng., Bradford University,UK
      Particle and disperse phase technology
      Department of Chemical Engineering,
      University of Groningen, Netherland
      Stress and velocity distributions in granular materials
      Chemical Engineering at University of Cambridge, UK
      The Institut of Computer Applications (ICA I) Homepage
      ICA 1, Universitaet Stuttgart, Germany
      Strukturbildung in Granularer Materie (in German)
      Abteilung für Nichtlineare Phänomene,
      Institute of Experimental Physics,
      Fakultät für Naturwissenschaften ,
      Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany
      CATS Granular Flow Group
      Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies,
      Niels Bohr Institute, The University of Copenhagen, Denmark
      Silo Flow Project
      Division of Structural Mechanics,
      Lule University of Technology, Sweden
      The Ghadiri Team
      Department of Chemical and Process Engineering,
      Granular Dynamics Research Group at Aston University
      School of Engineering, Aston University, UK
      Particle Technology Section
      Department for Chemical Process Technology
      Delft University of Technology, Netherland
      Tel-Tek , Norway
      ETH Ceramics: Research
      Division of Nonmetallic Inorganic Materials, Department of Materials,
      Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzland
      The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology
      University of Greenwich, UK
      Mechanical Process Engineering
      Department of Engineering Sciences,
      Faculty of Mathematical, Natural and Engineering Sciences
      Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg , Germany


      Tsuji Group
      Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,Osaka Univ., Japan
      Powder Technology Laboratory Homepage
      Chemical Engineering Department, Himeji Institute of Technology, Japan
      Yamamoto Laboratory
      Department of Bio Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Soka University, Japan
      Granular Flow
      Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan
      Fine Particle Technology Group
      National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research , Japan


    Reade Advanced Materials
    A manufacturer, value added processor, global distributor & integrated sourcing agent of high technology metal, alloy, ceramic, composite, mineral, specialty chemical, and nano-sized powders
    The Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
    an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of particle measurement technologies
    Protact Inc. home page
    We make a powder introduction system for Inductively coupled Plasma Spectrometers.
    Aadvanced Machinery Inc.
    We specialize in powder processing equipment. Check out our home page to see our inventory with photo links. Great for engineers working on a project or students who want to see what equipment looks like.
    The Hosokawa Micron Group
    The Hosokawa Micron Group is the world's largest provider of equipment, systems and technologies for Powder Processing, Plastics Processing, Thermal Processing, Confectionery Processing, Air Pollution Control, and Filtration / Product Recovery.
    The Hosokawa Micron Group of companies is committed to meeting your needs worldwide through an emphasis on materials science and process engineering. The Group maintains facilities for research, engineering, manufacturing, and service in each of the world's major industrial markets.
    Nanomaterials Research Corp.
    Nanomaterials Research Corporation (NRC) is a private company located in Tucson, Arizona (U.S.A.). Our mission is to develop, manufacture and sell nanoscale precision engineered materials and devices based on these materials for the industrial customer.
    NanoPowders Industries
    NanoPowders Industries (NPI) develops and markets Silver (Ag) powders and other specialty alloys powders such as Silver/Palladium (Ag/Pd), Silver/Copper (Ag/Cu) and Silver/Aluminum (Ag/Al) for the electronic component and PCB (printed circuit board) industries.
    Micro Grinding Systems
    "Manufacturers of vibratory grinding and pressure bead milling equipment for the production of fine and ultrafine powders. Dry Vibratory grinding to 10 microns, and wet bead milling to 0.1 microns. Toll milling to produce specialty ultrafine powders."
    View Well Industrial (Hong Kong) Company Limited
    View Well Superabasive being a pioneer in the micron Superabrasive industry, has determined through years of experience working with process engineers and end-users, that the shape of monocrystalline micron powder plays a key role in the performance of quality products.
    Buffalo Tungsten Incorporated
    Buffalo Tungsten Inc.(BTI) is one of the world's major independent suppliers of tungsten (W) and tungsten carbide (WC) powders. BTI's utilization of the latest furnace technology and control devices produces a wide range of high quality powders for all tungsten applications. Comprehensive chemical and physical analyses are done on each lot of powder, assuring adherence to specification and providing the best properties.
    Stable Micro Systems Ltd
    The prime aim of the company is to provide a complete service to ensure that products continue to fully meet customer requirements and totally satisfy ongoing texture analysis needs.
    The Texture Analysers are used to measure many properties, such as Hardness, Brittleness, Fracturability, Stickiness, Gumminess, Chewiness, Resilience, Elasticity, Bloom Strength etc, etc, on a vast range of products. Over a period of time the Texture Analyser can also show curing and stailing properties. The TA.XT2i and TA.HDi are now used to measure many standard properties throughout industry.


    Bulk Solid Site
    The site is as for advertising my ring shear tester but also for information exchange on all powder and bulk solid related topics. [by Dietmar Schulze ]
    The online-service by Trans Tech Publications.
    3D Delaunay Triangulations for efficient DEM Simulation of Granular Media by Jean-Albert Ferrez
    Operations Research groups , Department of Mathematics, EPFL Switzland

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